Our Strengths

•  Extremely efficient & friendly service.
•  High quality wines properly positioned into different price segments.
•  Proper storage conditions maintained throughout storage & delivery.
•  Wines are supplied to very selected customers.
•  Strong & cordial relationship with principals in order to facilitate
•  High importance given to brand responsibility.
•  Preference  to Principals who  give  importance & contribute to the
   global    environment.

Our Satisfied Customers

• Wine Connoisseurs & Enthusiasts
• High Ranking Social Clubs
• Professional Bodies
• Cooperate Customers
• Star Class Hotels
• Restaurants
• Casinos
• Super Markets
• Religious Institutions

Incorporated in 2004 as subsidiary of Mega Pharma (Pvt ) Ltd. The group employs  over 100 people. Annual turnover exceed  Rs. 500million. Wine supplied only to selected retailers Choice of the elite society in Sri Lanka Rank among top three in Sri Lanka.

Our Partners

We at Mega Trading have strived not only to  profit  from the wine trade but to learn & disseminate   the tradition of wine making which was essentially a family business in the past.

As a result we have selected Principals who take pride with their family name being associated with the wineries  & therefore make that  extra effort to give the highest importance for quality.

•Angove Family Wine Makers – Australia
•Cielo E Terra Spa Wine – Italy
•Poli Grappa – Italy 
•René Vedrenne – France

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